Those We Have Lost 

The Year In Review

The Stories That Moved Us in 2016

Let’s Take a Look At What Happened

These pieces are predictable at the end of each year. Seems like every media outlet has some version of these retrospectives, these obits to the previous year. 

I have always had challenges with goodbyes. Hence the title of my end of 2016 blog post – No Goodbyes. In my home we say, “See you soon.” It is a phrase of expectation, of something good to look forward to. “Goodbye” has such finality. 

While I was on vacation, I focused on the simpliest things. I held those I love. I took longer dog walks. I read the inscriptions on the sidewalks. I looked skyward at night. I drank my coffee more slowly. I wore flip flops in the rain. I refused to say goodbye to 2016. I said hi to 2017 instead. 

Uncomfortable to admit, but for as much introspection that I swim in, I hadn’t realized how very much I was in need of a break.