Percolating #2

Facing Death General

It has been a very trying, tense, couple weeks. I trust you will receive this post in the manner it is intended.. Not the whoa  is me, feel sorry for me, kind of sharing. I want to illuminate that the issues that plague us are smacking me in the face all day, everyday. 

Check that – Smacking me in the heart, whacking my soul and bruising my consciousness everyday. 
Pop culture and the evolution of technology and media has made all of this a moment by moment conversation and a consistent call to action. 

Community members with smartphones are challenging me when I am helping someone, the phone holder asking the individuals, “Do you need help? Is this Officer harassing you?” Over the years I have gotten used to CopWatch and civilian oversight. In fact, I have told my colleagues that it does not bother me if they watch me as I know I am doing the lawful, ethical, professional thing with as much respect and dignity as I can given whatever the situation is…” 

When I jotted the post “Percolating #1”, I was carrying around some of the weight of the communities I belong to. One of my long standing stressors has been to try to avoid controversial political conversation at work, particularly since I am a Supervisor. Of course, those conversations happen and I enjoy filling everyone in on the goings on of the Berkeley City Council. What I don’t do is talk about the death penalty, presidential elections, war, abortion, gay marriage, gun control and ______ << insert more hot topics there. 

When I started this blog I wrote that  I would avoid being political, but I may get personal. It is more difficult than I imagined writing about work without injecting political themes. Any member of law enforcement who thinks policing is not political needs to reevaluate what he/she got into. 

When I titled the previous post Percolating #1, I felt that more current events would develop to inspire Percolating #2. I never thought it would be more high profile, widely distributed videos of even more officer involved shootings including one caught and posted live by a loved one. 

I never imagined that the shooting and killing of Dallas officers would happen. I didn’t consider the shooting and killing of Baton Rouge officers would greet me on this morning. It is not only percolating, it is boiling, spilling over everywhere and burning…